Charitable work

Our Focus on Community welfare

Community work is something we are very passionate about.
As our company grows, we are able to expand our charity efforts to include community development. In every safari or travel you book with us, 10% of the amounts paid goes to our Corporate Social Responsibility kitty that helps a poor student remain in school by paying the tuition fees and other related requirements.
As we aim to improve the life opportunities of children and young people. The vision is a safe world, where every child grows up with a belief in the future and the possibility of leading the life he or she desires. To achieve this, Safaris & Tours Africa seeks to inspire, motivate, and engage children and young people to access their inner strength and potential through organized social activities and sport with a focus on the individual.
We believe in meaningful spare time builds self-esteem, ambition, and power of action; these are all excellent life tools aiming to realize dreams, create employment, and provide great role models. It suggests that, only when you care about your own life and expect a bright future, are you able to break destructive patterns and overcome exclusion; and that these achievements resonate throughout as a whole.

A Call To The Good Cause

Many of our clients from around the world are always eager to help the communities they visit. From the beginning, we have championed the initiative, specifically the donation of supplies to schools in villages that are close to the places our clients visit. Children are always in need of the essentials, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap. While candy is a nice treat, it does not benefit the youngsters in the end, as many do not have access to adequate dental care. However, school supplies – for example, chalk pencils, solar calculators, English dictionaries and notebooks are always appreciated.  We are always happy to recommend our clients to visit schools and communities.