• Centralize all your business travel needs- We offer a one-stop shop approach to provide all travel services rather than having to meet with various travel suppliers as you try to negotiate deals for our client.
  • Personalize approach at Safaris & Tours Africa by understanding your travel needs, we offer a truly personal experience by customizing a solution best suited for your organization.
  • Provide 24-hour support for your travellers - You can be confident that wherever your travellers are or whatever help they need when they’re travelling, we are there on the end of the phone ready to assist you.
  • We have the best people a team that’s consistently above the industry average in terms of years of experience and employee retention which in return gives you continuity in service and savings.
  • Reduce average transaction values- We will analyse your business travel spend and identify areas where you can save money. 
  • Stronger supplier relationships- We have good, long-established relationships with major suppliers. We will use our connection-negotiated discounted rates for our client. Our stable relationship with the suppliers can also come in handy when a problem arises, we will have the leverage to get the assistance that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • Share our expertise, our vast experience in business travel will make the process of your booking travel with us efficient and skilled at maximizing the value of every trip.
  • We assist our clients to be responsible employers We will help massively with this by tracking your travelers for you, so you always know where they are and how to contact them. We will advise on pre-trip information so there are no surprises, and for your travellers to be fully prepared before they travel, we’ll also be on hand throughout their trip to assist with any problems they encounter.
  • I.C.E Organization - We dedicate our time to thoroughly research on what our clients need to achieve their objectives. As a value add, we do a pre-visit to the destination of choice to ensure that there are no surprises on the day of the event.
  • Keeping abreast with technology as the world continues to evolve, so do we. and so does your travel program. Working in partnership, we offer the support and flexibility to grow with you. Using data and expert consultancy to drive continuous improvement, we make corporate travel better for everyone, keeping business moving. g. travelers trackers (Duty of Care Emergency location & Panic Alerts)
  • Efficient service delivery As a SATA client we'll keep in touch with you. Our Business Development Manager will arrange regular reviews and updates to ensure an ongoing productive relationship.
  • Advanced data and reporting: We haveinvested in an accounting system that addresses pain points e.g. double invoicing. Our Travel data solution can drill into the specifics of your corporate travel program’s performance and tailor-make reports as per our client’s requirements, giving you a robust breakdown of where costs are significant and how you can improve.

Initially Safaris & Tours Africa started off with corporate travelling when it stepped into the air travel arena as nu IATA based Travel Agency. However, over a short time our list of satisfied clients grew progressively thanks to our team of experienced staff.

Key Advantages for Matchless Customers

Here is part of what made us a recipe of success in the travel industry:

  • 24-hour reservation & cheap air ticketing, 7 days a week.
  • Pro-active travel consultants & dedicated Account managers.
  • Innovative & competitive pricing.
  • Business travel scheduling and tailor-made travel planning.
  • On-site and online travel desk/travel consultant 24/7.
  • Visa procurement services for all other countries.
  • Comprehensive Exclusive Travel Insurance.
  • Complimentary cruises, coach tours, car rentals and leisure products/services.

By treating each client as a new, unique adventure, by expanding and diversifying our services and by maintaining a solid work ethics we managed to become a competitive travel solutions provider both local international. We are committed to ensuring that – whatever the purpose of the trip, the destination or the experiences you want to enjoy – Safaris & Tours Africa is the best choice in terms of corporate travel, and not only.